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The Macallan

A glance at the label will tell you that this is a legendary malt. There is no doubt that you are in the presence of a mythical malt. That little house with the typical Scottish façade is Easter Elchies, the natural and spiritual home of The Macallan. Perhaps the most famous Scotch whisky in the world. Such a reputation does not come about by chance. The quality and structure of the single malts from this distillery have made them age well and are praised around the world. Famous for its spirits aged for many years in ex-sherry casks, The Macallan now offers a diverse and innovative range, just like its new distillery: impressive, modern, but intimately connected to the nature that surrounds it, and faithful to its origins.

The Double Cask range

Old World meets New World. This is how one could describe The Macallan Double Cask range. Known for its strong historical style - rich, deep, complex - and its aging in ex-sherry casks, the distillery has been experimenting for several years with more balanced maturations.

Macallan 12 year old

The Double Cask · 40% · 70cl

Macallan 15 year old

The Double Cask · 43% · 70cl

Macallan 18 year old

The Double Cask · 43% · 70cl

These blend European and American oak casks, all impregnated with Oloroso sherry, with touch and finesse. The American oak brings sweet notes of vanilla, citrus and butterscotch which perfectly balance the more powerful influence of the European oak, which leaves warm spices and candied fruits in its wake.

Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask

A round but perfectly balanced single malt, Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask combines delicate flavours of honey and citrus with the more heady and spicy aromas of oak and ginger, subtly coated with luscious aromas of caramel, vanilla and sultanas. The result is a particularly warm but still harmonious whisky.

Macallan 15 Year Old Double Cask

A rich and complex whisky with an elegant finesse, the Macallan 15 Year Old Double Cask is a perfect example of the philosophy of this range. The influence of American oak (citrus, vanilla, butterscotch) and European oak (Macallan's characteristic spicy note) resonate in concert under the masterful baton of Oloroso sherry. A sweet and charming malt with a strong character.

Macallan 18 Year Old Double Cask

With intense aromas of dried fruit, ginger and caramel, Macallan 18 Year Old Double Cask is an exceptional single malt, which makes the most of the combination of two types of oak: American and European. It takes the distillery's expertise to the extreme, offering a tasting experience of rare depth.

Macallan Rich Cacao

The Harmony Collection · Sherry Seasoned Oak Cask · 44% · 70cl

Macallan 12 ans

Sherry Oak Cask · Batch 2018 · 43% · 70cl

Macallan Intense Arabica

The Harmony Collection · Sherry Seasoned Oak Cask · 44% · 70cl