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Rabbit Hole Cavehill

Four Grain Bourbon

Balancing tradition and originality, Cavehill sets itself apart from traditional American whiskeys while honoring the legacy of bourbon pioneers. Crafted from a unique mashbill of malted grains and corn, this premium bourbon marries richness and uniqueness, offering a character both bold and refined. Slowly toasted and charred oak barrels, taking up to 20 minutes each, extract sugars from wood fibers, blending with the distillate during aging, imparting Rabbit Hole whiskeys with complexity and a distinct flavor. When mature, up to 15 barrels are meticulously blended to create the final product.
United States, Kentucky Straight Bourbon

70 cl, 47,5 %Vol


Original, Rich




Honey, Mint, Orange, Roasted cereals


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Product details:

Type / Subtype Straight Bourbon
Brand / Distillery Rabbit Hole
Country/ Region United States - Kentucky
Strengh 47.5 %Vol
Size 70cl
Peated Unpeated
Price range De 40 à 60€
The Distillery

A century ago, the Kentucky region was home to numerous distillers, each secretly holding their own bourbon recipe, creating a rich heritage of diversity. However, this wealth faded during Prohibition. Today, nearly 90% of the bourbons in this region come from a handful of distilleries, sometimes leading to a certain uniformity in recipes. In this context, Rabbit Hole takes a unique approach. Instead of criticizing this trend, the distillery chooses to celebrate the history of Kentucky bourbon. By honoring the past, it injects new creativity into the craft. Rabbit Hole highlights the diversity of its products, thus preserving the uniqueness of bourbon. Rabbit Hole thus fits into the century-old bourbon tradition, ensuring that this drink continues to evolve while remaining true to its unique character. Explore our range of exceptional bourbons to discover the authentic taste of Kentucky.

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